ROVIS Robotics Summer School 2017


Period: 17-24 July 2017
Target group: Students, PhD students, Professors
Lecturers: Claudiu Pozna, Sorin Grigorescu, Liviu Marina, Tiberiu Cocias, Gigel Macesanu, Bogdan Trasnea
Language: English

Course aim


Lecture Module Introduction Advanced
1 Modeling and Control of Robotic Systems (Claudiu Pozna) Manipulators Models (8 hours):
  • Mathematical descriptions (models) of manipulators.
  • Starting with a Mathematical refresher we increase step by step the accuracy of knowledge.
  • Manipulator models: geometric, kinematic and dynamic model.
  • Programing and simulations (in Matlab).
Mobile Robots Models (10 hours):
  • Mathematical description of an autonomous car.
  • Trajectory definition; Comparator; PID controller; Car model; Sensors and filters.
  • Programing and simulations (in Matlab).
Control of manipulators (8 hours):
  • Control Design refresher: control methods.
  • DC motor control; Control based on Jacobian; Dynamic control.
  • Programing and simulations (in Matlab).
2 Robot Operating System (ROS)
3 Machine Learning in Robotics Linear Regression (4 hours):
  • Model representation
  • Cost function
  • Gradient descenet
Logistic Regression (4 hours):
  • Hypothesis representation
  • Cost function
  • Gradient descenet
Neural Networks (4 hours):
  • Network representation and feedforward processing
  • Backpropagation method for training
Convolutional Neural Networks (4 hours):
  • Architecture
  • Convolution
  • Pooling
4 Robot Vision Introduction to computer vision (4 hours):
  • Image formation and filtering
  • Image representation and noise
  • Spatial filtering
Object recognition (4 hours):
  • Template matching
  • Region segmentation
  • Edge detection
Optics and 3D Reconstruction (4 hours):
  • Ideal camera model
  • Camera calibration
  • Stereo Vision
  • Correspondence matching
  • Point clouds processing
Object tracking (4 hours):
  • Optical flow
  • Dynamic models for object tracking